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I don’t post here all that often anymore.

Aside from steering people towards my demo reel, so here is a big backlog of loose artwork I’ve been doing outside of teaching and paid animation. Random fan art, a CN collab entry, mucking about both traditionally and digitally, some … Continue reading

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Grad School: Fan Art addition.

This week’s assignment was to pick three artist or style genres (out of like, nine possible) and to design some characters emulating their style. A lot of students created a different character for each style, whereas I picked a character … Continue reading

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Grad School Break Time Waster: Avengers Edition 2

Here is the final. I could keep messing with it, and really flesh out the background, etc. But I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to get out of my head, so there’s no need to linger iordinately on … Continue reading

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Some more work sketch…

In the ancient past I used to do the webcomics. This is a reimagining of Skanky Sally, lead singer of the band The Skankettes, and love interest of Dinosaur, from Alien and Dinosaur Rock Out, one of several unpopular titles … Continue reading

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Critique! Improvements! Animation! Joy!

I rushed back to the studio to add two frames, and a little tie follow through to my project before the deadline midnight tonight. The frames were suggested by the teacher, he totally agreed that the standing after the antic … Continue reading

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Week 1 in Traditional Animation II consisted of doing a character design and a five point turn. I got a B. I’m not entirely sure why, but that’s okay. It is definitely B work. You can see that I messed around … Continue reading

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All B’s.

So I’ve finally gotten up to date grades from my Drawing from Imagination course, including the assignment that was due last night. The shading quality (visually, level of contrast, interest, etc.) on this is mediocre at best, but the shading … Continue reading

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One more week off, and then it’s back to teaching…

The time off from teaching has not been nearly as fruitful and relaxing as I had hoped. The “perspective” course I’m taking in Grad School is incredibly time-consuming. Both courses are challenging, but I don’t find myself feeling as rewarded … Continue reading

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