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I don’t post here all that often anymore.

Aside from steering people towards my demo reel, so here is a big backlog of loose artwork I’ve been doing outside of teaching and paid animation. Random fan art, a CN collab entry, mucking about both traditionally and digitally, some … Continue reading

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To blow off steam while working on my thesis I’ve decided to do some fairies and fawns inspired by our first trip to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Here’s the first one inspired by a fairy who was great in character … Continue reading

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Doodles on the sign in sheet….

Week two of teaching this quarter. I did some doodles on the sign in sheet for Animation History as the students watched the cartoons I was lecturing about. Senpai! In my reef? I haven’t doodled in a long time.

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Summer Semester, final update.

With just a few days left before the Winter Semester begins, I’m going to just throw out these remaining drawings that constituted my final in character design. I got a B on the final assignment. I was greatly disappointed to … Continue reading

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Grad School Fall 2012 wrap up: Post 1.

Week 13 of the 15 Week semester, and as far as I’m concerned, kind of where the wheels fell off. This is the first in a short series of posts (3 probably) documenting the last few assignments of last semester. Multiple … Continue reading

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I’m ready for this semester to be over.

Different style concepts for Character Design course, all of my detective character, Fred Farroway. In a Mignola, Madureira, and Juanjo Guarnido. Instructor gave me a B+ on the colored version. Heralded my clothes and proportions, etc, but said she couldn’t figure out … Continue reading

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Grad School: Fan Art addition.

This week’s assignment was to pick three artist or style genres (out of like, nine possible) and to design some characters emulating their style. A lot of students created a different character for each style, whereas I picked a character … Continue reading

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