I want to win, I just want to win…

There comes a time in every man’s life when he takes that Illustration course he’s not really enjoying much by the throat and squeezes it real hard in his hands till the “A-” pops out and writhes on the floor. This is my “that” time.

Check what the instructor said:
“The way her costume and ornaments clearly tilt and curve to follow the natural curves of the body shows real sensitivity and understanding of depth..”

That’s right world, I don’t just understand depth; I. Sensitively. Understand. Depth.

Now let’s throw an ill planned background on this @!$&# and bring it back down to “B” town. Boom.

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In class sketch….

Today was a busy day, and it had its ups and downs. While teaching tonight I built a quick profile view library in Toon Boom Animate Pro so I could demo it for the students next week. When I was done, they were mostly still working on a previous assignment or starting on their first TBAP assignment, so I whipped this out.

Inspired by this version over here: Aidosaur. I’m pretty ga-ga over prehistoric beasts of all types, but she elaborated in her comments that this was a character of hers that was a kind of a demi-god. The idea of trying to worship and pay tribute to a big sentient thing like this, and possibly doing a bad job at it, intrigued me.

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3/4 Double Bounce Walk

This week I had to produce a 3/4 front view walk cycle. It’s something I’ve had to do once or twice professionally, but it’s not that common to see in the Flash / mid-budget TV, Video Game, Interactive animation world. We were encouraged to do the same character we did last time, and though I didn’t flesh out my character’s details, I decided to tackle not only the same character but the same walk as well. It was quite challenging, but I think it turned out nicely.

Again, the arms have differing swings because the figure will be carrying a trick or treat pumpkin. I’m excited about having the time to finish these two walk cycles in December. *(Fingers crossed)

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Naked woman stabs crazed naked man…

I’m really trying to entice the search engines with that title. This was last week’s Illustration class assignment. I will be putting clothes on them, and then putting them in an environment over the next two weeks. I’ve actually already got the clothes version, but I need it critiqued / graded before I post. Perhaps I should be posting more in progress pieces? I don’t know. Stress and exhaustion are really bringing down the enthusiasm level here. I was pretty jazzed about this assignment a couple of revisions ago, but now I’m just worn down. I was going for a Frazetta-esque feeling here, but I ended up making the woman a lot more plump (which is my modus operandi) then intended.

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I have a tumblr. It’s basically just a duplication of this blog, but over there. If you have a tumblr it’ll make it easier for you to follow my updates though. Perhaps you are already reading it there?

I’m not much of a reblogger, so I’m probably not the best creature for this new environment, but I will try to adapt.

Here are some of the tumblrs I’m currently following that I think are pretty cool:
Artist Collection Tumblrs: (Collections of work by particular famous artist, who are not on tumblr or dead).
http://theairtightgarage.tumblr.com/ (Moebius work)

http://otomblr.tumblr.com/ (Katsuhiro Otomo work)
http://tetsuoshima.tumblr.com/ (Another Katsuhiro Otomo one, but focusing on Akira)
Be careful, you can get a lot of overlap on these two.

http://frazetta.tumblr.com/ (Frank Frazetta, obviously)
http://worldofstout.tumblr.com/ (William Stout)

People Tumblrs (real people, who do real arts, but also blogs, sorted by faves)

Collections, References, Random
http://jeremyforson.tumblr.com/ (Random Arts)
http://framexframe.tumblr.com/ (frame by frame stills and gifs of animations)
http://fuckyeahvictorians.tumblr.com/ (Vintage References, good for steampunkers)
http://theboatlullabies.tumblr.com/ (Super interesting Americana photographs)
http://womenfighters.tumblr.com/ (Fantasy and Sci-Fi ladies, non-cheesecake)

There are others, but they aren’t really doing anything for me these days. You have suggestions? I follow a ton of people in my google reader, which is really where I follow most of these at as well, but now that I’m official I’ll try to like and reblog and do whatever it is this new society dictates.

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Rough Double Bounce Walk

I’ve always been intimidated by the double bounce walk. It has a lot to do with a general lack of understanding. I’ve attempted them a couple of times, and done a few professionally, but I’ve always just dove right in and attempted to pull one off based on my general understanding of a standard walk. I’ve never taken the time to really study one, or focus on the Preston Blair or Richard Williams examples. That always lead to a lot of wasted time, as I tried to clean up the poor results it would produce. A lot of head wobbling and jittering, rather then the smooth up-down-up down of the best double bounces.

For this exercise I decided I would do a trick-or-treater, holding a bag of candy in the near hand. Of course, I never got past the roughs, but I plan to finish this one up over the Christmas break.

It’s based on a combination of the Blair and Williams examples (specifically the double bounce cartoon fox he details both in the text and book cover, as well as in the animated intro to his DVD series), but it’s also based on the Little Red Riding Hood skip run from the WB classic Little Red Riding Rabbit. That skip is really interesting, with real high knees, and the steps are all in the toes, with the push off foot actually never leaving the ground. She just slides forward, but the knees pushing up and the rest hides that. You never notice. It’s pure charm. I was tempted to just copy that skip directly, but I thought you could adapt some of the quirky-ness of it to a double bounce, and so that’s what I tried to do. Maybe I’ll upload a clip of the skip for you guys this week.

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Happy Halloween 1.2

Hope everyone had a good evening.  My family was always really into Halloween, and my wife has been really supportive in that as I’ve tried to make it a big deal for our 2-year-old. He really took to the trick or treating this year, wasn’t afraid of anybody’s costumes (including my own) and would refer to me as “Daddy wolf” whenever I had the costume on. It was pretty awesome.

I’ve always felt that the measure of a good costume was to win a costume contest (I won at work) and to illicit stranger’s desire to have their photo taken with you. That happened twice at the local pizza place. A pretty good night overall. Artwork to follow shortly.

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Happy Halloween 1.1


My mom, me, my wife, my stepfather, and 2 yr old son.

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Naked people @ weird angles.

3 figures in different perspectives (reclinig 2pt, sitting 3pt, walking 2pt vertical). We were allowed to use photographs for anatomy reference, but not allowed to draw from actual poses. I used more reference on the 2pt reclining then the others, but I looked at a lot of feet and hands throughout.

Guy gave me a B+.

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Cartoon Takes….

I’m a big fan of takes. Especially the takes of Tex Avery and Bob Clampett. In my professional life I have done a few takes, but frankly a take in Flash for the kind of productions I’ve worked on, and the takes of my heroes bare little resemblance. I am not a fan of the subtle minor movement takes of Chuck Jones and Ken Harris. This is the kind of take I am most generally instructed to emulate. We’ll have a long chat sometime internet, about why I don’t like the Chuck Jones take, but understand, I love Chuck Jones.

I just prefer Avery and Clampett.

Anyway, this week we were asked to do a take. I had a lot of ideas, and did multiple versions, but this is the one I completed to the end and submitted. I think it works well, and it’s a nice step towards my aspirations, but I will definitely have to revisit this idea. I chose to do a positive take, where the reaction was joy, rather than being startled. Kind of a reverse of the Wolf and Red Hot Riding Hood motif. The austere female reacts un-lady like when she sees something that excites her. It is the change in personality that sells this take, which is one of the reasons why I want to do some more of them for study. Some more standard ones, and then I can revisit this “twist” I have created and get even better results. I look forward to finishing this pencil test out with full follow through and overlap once the quarter is over.

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Dracula is coming to suck your bloods…

This quarter the students are building their own character libraries for the walk cycles, and using the Dexter library for the lip synch only. I built this one along side them and then we all started walk cycles with our own characters. This is a render to show them what it’ll look like when we’re finished. The feet are a bit spongy yet, you really wanna tweak the loop so the feet hold position a bit more believably, but not bad for a couple hours poking around the Flash.

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Interesting exercise…







not particularly pleased with the grade, but we can have a longer, more personal discussion about my impressions of the course at a later date. Yes? The assignment itself was very interesting. Take photographic references, and then draw the people from views not provided. Each head was given a view by the assignment, and I tasked with just drawing them. I felt like my first pass came out very well, and my classmates agreed. The instructor did not. I reworked it based on his notes (revisions shown here). It improved my grade, but only a small amount, however, the notes were very good ones, and the drawings are better.

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Flash Character Library Demo: Walk Cycle

Quick flash walk cycle I started earlier and finished up recently for the Digital Ink and Paint course I am teaching. Character is property of Kat Kosmala.

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I Slept on it…

After some further thought, I think I need to clarify some things about the last post and the grad school submission attached. It’s not a terrible bit of animation. It’s just trying to do too much in too litle time. My goal for the week was to keep things simple, so I could get ahead on next week when the family and I must travel out of town for a couple of days, and instead I ended up taking more time on this than any previous assignment.

My teacher was more than pleased with the assignment, his appraisal was pretty glowing actually. But he’s only just meeting me. I know what I’m already capable of, and I know where I want to take my skills, and this is a prime example of what I am already capable of. It actually reminds me, on further recollection, of a very similar animation I did 8 years ago in a BFA 3D course. It even shares some of (but thankfuly not all) the flaws that original one had. I got fixated on an idea, instead of fixated on the goal. The goal of attending the course, the goal of getting the degree, the short term goal of what I wanted to accomplish on this kind of assignment, and with my time during the week.

I’m not so much disappointed in the result, as I am in my flawed decision making.

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Acting: How not to do it.

Note to self: When the assignment asks for a short performance where a character goes through THREE pose / emotions, do not lose your brain and do something like an idiot.

An important lesson you hear a lot in schools, one that is ridiculously ubiquitous in art school, is to Keep It Simple Stupid, or K.I.S.S. It’s remarkable, that despite age or experience, how often I’m forced to relearn this lesson. The following animation turned out ok. In that it’s watchable, and you can see what I was attempting. However, I would have been far better served with focusing on a much clearer and simpler performance that I could have spent more time perfecting and studying. Practicing good timing, inbetweening, and strong poses. Blech. This took far too much time, and the results were not good enough for that time. Must remember this post as I move forward.

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Curvy Princess (<--- should get some search hits, right?)

Last week the lesson in Traditional Animation was mastering the timing for a stagger. I envisioned a little storytelling scene with a nontraditional princess prying open the jaws of a huge slain dragon, freeing her cowering and pathetic Prince Charming inside. Of course, I only had a week to work on this, so I focused on the animation for the Princess only. My main goal was to get the stagger right (for the grade, naturally) but also to get some good performance in on the preparation for, and execution of a heavy lift. It’s the kind of exercise we ask our students to do, so now I have a good example to talk about. The teacher was pleased, but he did have some timing notes, I’ve implemented them here:

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It’s out!

Sideway: New York came out on the PS3, Monday October 10th. So far, reviews have been good: G4 TV’s XPlay Clip; IGN’s Review.

If any of you get a chance to play it (I’ve been too busy) drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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Week 5: 1/3 of the way.

I’ve got a stagger demonstration animation I’m pretty excited about, but he gave me some minor timing tweaks that I want to implement before I put it up. Here’s another perspective monstrosity.

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Sideway Update

Playbrains, the company that did the interactive aspects of the game, has been putting up vlogs about the game’s development over the past couple of weeks. It has an official playstation page now, and is set to “drop” October 11th. This video showcases a lot of the enemy animations I did.

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Who dat smooth operator knocking down dem’ Traditional Animation A’s?

It’s me baby.

This first one got some timing notes, but I haven’t had a chance to revise it. It still merited the A. Unfortunately, it was pretty difficult. Our assignment was to do two head turns. One in full animation, with anticipation, easing in and out, overlap, follow through, the works. I was jazzed about that one (it’s below). The second (this one) was supposed to be a Flintstones/UPA-esque limited animation head turn. The bare minimum. I do a lot of limited animation professionally, so I took this one for granted, and it really came back to bite me in the butt. It was just a totally different experience trying to simulate what I do in Flash on paper. It’s remarkable how much I take the software for granted in this case. Because I felt so comfortable with the idea of this one, I did virtually no planning. Big mistake, I had to redo it 3 or 4 times. This is important, because I’ve uploaded my planning for the second one (so I can use this situation as a teaching tool @ work) and you’ll see the huge difference appropriate planning makes! By the way, he is a wolf-man.

This one, I spent a lot of time designing the character, figuring out what his bone structure was like, planning the key poses. I even took the key pose sketches, scanned them in, and then printed them out at the right size for the animation paper, so I could use them as my keys. I planned out charts (animation speak here), planned and revised my x sheet. I animated the whole thing, just the skull and body, no details, no cowl, just to test it, and revised that until it was perfect. Long story short, I didn’t take any of it for granted, and it really shows. It’s not perfect, but it’s good, and I’m jazzed.

The teacher even thanked me for uploading all the planning and talking about the process and doing such a good job. Thanked. Me. This is a guy that was an animator at Disney. He can animate circles around me. You don’t have to thank me man, I’m thanking you.

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All B’s.

So I’ve finally gotten up to date grades from my Drawing from Imagination course, including the assignment that was due last night. The shading quality (visually, level of contrast, interest, etc.) on this is mediocre at best, but the shading direction (where and how the shadows fall) is very accurate, so I am happy with my B. In fact, in general, all B’s is just where I want to be. The perspective drawing and level of line work detail required is so high that I’m having trouble finding the time to really pour over the shading details and perfect a technique for them. Hopefully I can just keep up this level of output while not falling behind on the Animation course (which has gone A’s – B’s 2/3 so far).

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One more week off, and then it’s back to teaching…

The time off from teaching has not been nearly as fruitful and relaxing as I had hoped. The “perspective” course I’m taking in Grad School is incredibly time-consuming. Both courses are challenging, but I don’t find myself feeling as rewarded with the time I spend on the perspective one. This is an issue I’ve had before, and I’m sure all students have had, and I’m sure several of my students have experienced, but I am beginning to wonder if my age is having an effect. Perhaps I am too old, or too far removed from my experiences as a student? I find myself having to work very hard to feign enthusiasm. Perhaps it will improve with time?

Here is the final output from week 2 in the Drawing from Imagination (perspective) course:

Needless to say, I was not pleased with it. It was nice to have a grounded lesson on how to form shadows based on real measurements of perspective, but that was so complicated and labor intensive that I never felt like I had time to actually make the shadows look good, once I knew where they belonged. It’s a grid / construction heavy course, where you have to show all of your work, so I couldn’t just free hand the shadows and spend time making them pretty. It’s good to know how to do it properly, but I know I’ll be graded on the final results, and I am incredibly underwhelmed.

Here is this week’s assignment in 2D perspective. I am much happier with this. Perhaps I just hate drawing in 1 pt perspective? Who knew?

This is actually a prototype of sorts for a graphic novel my wife and I are writing together. It’s set in the 80’s, and the two main characters are a retired super-hero turned detective, and a barbarian who is lost in time, and the mysteries they solve as a mystery solving duo. It’s like Goon meets Blacksad, only we haven’t really written much yet. These aren’t what they’ll look like actually. They’re a lot more cartoony and stylized then this, however I based these off real people who were inspirational in their early designs. The Barbarian is just a 7 1/2 foot tall muscular Russel Crowe, and the Detective is actually a model I drew several times at The Drawing Club, who actually posed as a Detective. Of course, these are not based on exact photos of either of those references, as the class doesn’t allow direct photo-reference. They are watching the Chicago Bears win SuperBowl XX, January, 1986. I’ll have to shade this one next week.

Here are my assignments in the Traditional Animation course:

There are two versions of the dragon, but I am posting the last one, which I think is best. I did a dragon because Jack just discovered them a couple of weeks ago, but we don’t have any toys or cartoons with them for him to enjoy at the moment.

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A cannon ball, and a balloon…

I’m familiar with the concepts behind both of these, but it was nice to sit down and work my way through them, revising and tweaking until I really got what I, and my instructor, wanted. I may come back and clean up / color these two, but probably not. I would like to finish out some details on the balloon, like a string and some more traditional balloon details.

Here, a cannonball arcs over a hill in the distance and then pounds into the ground just in front of the camera, causing dust, debris, and camera shake.

A balloon slowly drifts up in the air before getting caught underneath an overhang. There it bobs around on the breeze for a moment before breaking free and being carried by the wind higher and higher into the stratosphere.

More news on the other class later.

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Grad School Semester 2: Week 1

Geeze, what a week. So I’m taking two courses, and so far, one of them is already busting my ass. Try to guess which one.

Drawing from Imagination: Our instructor was (that’s important for later) an established comic book and storyboard artist, who in person, would have probably reminded me of myself, or more aptly, my favorite instructors from college. However, thanks to the wonder of the internet, he basically just terrified and infuriated me. It’s so hard to pick up on sarcasm, optimism, actual intent, anything, when you are reading it online. It took me the better part of the week to realize he wasn’t being an incredible jerk, but was actually just really enthusiastic and committed to making us work hard. He genuinely wanted us to get something out of the class, not just a grade. Unfortunately, he has cancer and is starting chemo-therapy, so he won’t even grade this first project he pushed me so hard on. I’m really disappointed by this. I hope he ends up being okay.

Here is the work, which was to create a 1 point perspective street, using grids (hate) and these four specific tools for creating correct placement, sizes, perspective, etc. The first two were part of my initial submission, but he made it quite clear that the buildings / windows were obviously C grade material, so I spent another day or so working it over and replacing all the buildings / details aside from the EL. Hopefully the new teacher will recognize the improvements (and see our discussion of how to raise my grade) and I will be rewarded accordingly. Anyway, I think it turned out well, but if you can imagine what it looked like in my head you’d realize how bothered by the whole experience I am. I learned a lot, the measurement tool was a very big revelation, but I still don’t feel comfortable applying these tools to a drawing I want to do. I can make a convincing drawing of a thing in one point perspective, but I still feel like a slave to the process, as opposed to a master welding his tools. Does that make hyperbolic sense?

The second course is Traditional Animation 1, which I am understandably jazzed about. I’m actually animating on paper, and compositing it together in this new (to me) traditional and digital 2D animation software called TVPaint. It’s french software, and it’s apparently the stuff all those badasses at Gobelins use. So far it’s great, and makes scanning and compiling hand drawn animation a breeze. Here are some exercises from week 1.

It actually took me four solid tries on both of those individual tests before I (and the instructor) were satisfied. But I never felt like I was lost, I always saw the mistakes and knew how to work around them.

Anyway, the instructor in the illustration course, the one whom I’ll never see again, really got me thinking about my teaching philosophy. There is a danger of alienating students when you are demanding of them, and I have to be careful to make sure I’m equally enthused and obviously passionate while also being a taskmaster. That’s something I’ve been struggling with mightily this quarter, and so I’m looking forward to the break next week (this is finals week) and getting ready to work harder on it next quarter.

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A few more changes…


It’s nice to have a throw away project to mess with for a change. I’m learning a lot about these copic markers and how to get them to blend in different ways. Now that I’ve got the background colors laid in (approximately) I need to go in and push the contrast a lot further than the initial greys. Two more days to find time to mess with this then it’s time to put it away forever.

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Will I finish this fun sketch before grad school starts back on Thursday? Also, my stupid blog has reverted to the default theme. Stupid blog software is stupid.

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Low-Brow Fall of Man, A quick sketch.

Geeze, try to update your blog from your phone, and it goes all stupid. Here’s a final quick sketch I did tonight while the students worked. I did a couple small thumbnail versions before working on this big one. I hope to do a marker version sometime this week (maybe?)

The demon girls (demonettes?) have elongated and exaggerated limbs on purpose. I’m trying to play with contradictory imagery here. The loose cartoon women, and the more classically represented male.

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I had a hard time figuring out how to read this article, but apparently this is a really awesome video game site that all the young internet peeps love. Or something. They say nice things about the video game I worked on, which is why I’m linking it HERE.

Also I drew a cartoon train for my son in chalk. He requests cartoon trains all the time, and so I’ve developed a couple of standards I can jot down for him quickly.

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Another quick pin up.


Still feeling out the copics.

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Marker doodle during class.


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Final Assignments: First Semester of Grad School.

First: The Final Drawing and References:
I took a ton more photos than this. It was actually really fun doing this shoot, which has gotten me thinking about trying to start a local Drawing Club, but I really don’t have the time to organize that kind of thing at present. I’m really happy with how this turned out. I think it’s a good likeness to both of the models, who are friends and will be keeping this drawing, but it’s also a pretty solid illustration alone. It’s a cliche’ of course, but it’s one I enjoy.

Not sure what my final grades will be, but I’m expecting two A’s. The History course was more enjoyable (I hate touching charcoal, and it really wrecks my already eczema riddled hands) but it was basically reading, discussing, and quizzes, so I have little to show for it. However, I did have to write a short research paper: I chose legendary animator and character designer Fred Moore. I got an A on the paper, but I had a hard time keeping it within the 2500 maximum word count. I could have written pages upon pages. For anyone discovering this off the internet, I don’t think you’ll find any new revelations about Moore in this, but it is a quick compilation of a lot of very interesting opinions collected together. Plus, there’s a Works Cited page that can lead you to a bunch of internet resources full of his work. I think I’ll take a stab doing some studies based on his art during my upcoming break.

I’ll try to upload some older (but not too old) sketches, character turns, and other stuff in the next few weeks, a lot of the things you see surrounding the blog, as I enjoy my break from being a student.

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A little extra credit experiment…

Based on a common Paris Hilton photograph. Use Google Image search if you’re that interested. This one was about understanding how to make your model look the way you want them to look, even if they don’t. So I made her more grotesque, and then healthier.

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Emphasis on hands and face to tell a story.

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Two figure composition: Telling a story…

Thumb: Initial Ideas Thumb: Secondary Ideas Thumbnail: Final Comp Photo Ref: The Drunk Photo Ref: The Bartender Final Composition Originally I was going to have a friend pose for at least one of the characters in this, but the plan fell through. I had some thumbnails with a woman, but I pretty much had this idea from the start and really wanted to go with it. If it had a title, it’d be something like “Last Call”. But I’ve never been one of those types to give titles to drawings. Anyway, here are my photo refs (the ones I used, not the dozen I didn’t.) my final thumbnail, my thumbs before I took photos, and then the final drawing.

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Quick Storyboarding Ref…

Use of grey for clarity or drama.
Storyboard Demo - Use of Grey

So blah.

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Self Portraits.

Not bad, not bad. Really cut it close on the deadline this time. Big research paper was due, held me up quite a bit. Boogah Boogah. Shading with local values. High Contrast Shading

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Foreshortening Extreme!

I’m pretty impressed with both of these, which is saying a lot considering how little sleep I’ve had. Laura on the ladder. Jack fall down.

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Fairy Study, Folds emphasis.

Fold Study. Wife wrapped in table cloth. Fold Study, Wife as a Sassy Fairy / Tinkerbell Fold Study, Wife as a Sassy Fairy / Tinkerbell Fold Study, Wife as a Sassy Fairy / Tinkerbell

Fold Study, Wife as a Sassy Fairy / TinkerbellThese were all completed yesterday. My wife was a real trooper (though I think she enjoyed it quite a bit) for letting me dress her up in silly outfits and take her photo / draw her. The first one is her wrapped in a table cloth just emphasizing folds. The other four were her as Tinkerbell, or any other sassy fairy. The fairy ones are displayed in reverse order of when I did them, so the third one I did, the second one displayed (seated with knees beneath) is probably the weakest, but I like all of them.

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Game Play Footage from Comic-con.

I totally animated parts, if not all, of all of the bad guys he trashes in this one.

I’ll slow down on the links now. It’s just nice to see the results of so much work.

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Gotta update the resume’ again…

Apparently they also launched an official site for the property, so I’ll have to update the resume’ again. Sideway official website!

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Well, I can finally start talking more about this…

Hey guys, here is the trailer for the PSN exclusive video game I was working on for several months this year and last year. This was actually my first look at the gameplay myself. I think it looks really cool.

it was on ign and isn’t there anymore. sorry.

Here’s a little write up about it too, with some links to screenshots and a podcast by some of the higher ups in the production. You can also go and like the Facebook Page as well.

I’ll be posting on the blog occassionally as any new good press comes out about the game. For those wondering, I had a hand in animating almost all of the villains in the game (with the exception of one or two bosses and one or two regulars) and I even did a small amount of work on the main character, and a decent amount on the secondary character (player two in co-op mode, I think). I also did all of the animation (including background movement) on the final cut scene. I worked up a background for the final shot of the final cut scene as well, but it was later redesigned and they didn’t use mine. I’d put it up, but it would still reveal too much about the end of the game. Maybe once it’s been out for awhile I’ll show you my bg version. Kat Kosmala did most of the main character animations, and a big swath of other stuff, including a lot of the cut scenes as well, she’s also the one that brought me onto the project, so big thanks to Kat!

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Class is focusing on value now…

Spent the evening drawing my lovely wife. Really like how all this turned out, from the roughs to the finished ones.
Laura in line and value testsLaura in line and flat values.Laura in value, no lines, testsLaura in value, no lines

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I drew the hell out of some feets and hands.

Feet, feety feety feety feet! (Also hands and shoes)
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Things are going smoothly with classes so far.

… but I start teaching again tomorrow. We’ll see how well I juggle this schedule. Here are some drawings I did in my sketchbook during Uncle Dave Macon Days in Murfreesboro yesterday, and then some ear and head studies for class.
Public Sketches       Public Sketches

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Weak Post…

5 Minute Sketch5 Minute Sketch5 Minute Sketch5 Minute Sketch







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Broke through the “A” hole…

Finally got an A on one of the Clothed Figure Drawing assignments. A- on the one of my friend in the luchadore mask.

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Happy Fourth every one…

Spent the morning watching Tex Avery cartoons (and other MGM work) in bed with my wife and son. For my History of Cartoons class, though we do that kind of thing sometimes anyway.

Spent last night on some drawings for the Clothed Figure course. I really like these. It’s the first time I’ve done a drawing of my wife that I thought wasn’t complete shit. We’re going over rhythm and continuity right now, and it’s really good to reacquaint myself with a lot of these drawing “tools”. I speak in a vocabulary of animation, so this is reminding me that when it comes to drawing a pose, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to describe the process (the process of skinning cats). Must remember that when teaching starts next week. (Red is always rhythm lines below.) Continue reading

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Grad School Update #1

Buh! I had hoped to be updating on a much regular basis, but things have been remarkably busy during the first week and a half of the three week break from teaching. Grad school is in full swing, and because it’s a summer semester, I am doing 15 weeks of classes in 7 weeks. And I’m taking two courses, so that’s four weeks of course work every week. Continue reading

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Still my favorite medium. Grad school update coming soon.

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Animate Pro Pencil Test….

Students have been working on their finals all week, so classes have been pretty boring. I worked up this rough pencil test in the down time between questions. Spent 10 or so hours on it. I don’t have Animate Pro 2 @ home, so I’ll probably ink / color, and add FX to this in Flash over the break. If I have any spare time from Freelance and Grad School that is. She’ll be spinning the staff above her head when finished, so that’s why it holds that pose at the end.

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11secondclub Flash Lip Synch / Acting Demo

This is a short demo that took me about four hours to animate. I was demonstrating to the students how to animate in flash using a provided character library. The character was designed by Kat Kosmala, a long time colleague of mine. It’s a very robust library and a very appealing character and I greatly thank her for allowing me and the class to use it.

The audio is from one of the 11secondclub monthly conpetitions. I didn’t use the current month’s competition audio because I didn’t let the students use it either.

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