Effects; Week 4 (Wave Principle)

Rather than do another flag or something similar, I wanted to challenge myself with a much more complex shape, but also push it as cartoony as I could. The whole time I was working on this I kept thinking “Totoro, Totoro, Totoro” because there is something really subtle, but really powerful with the way wind and tree branches are used in that film. I tried to create a less ambitious ambitious scene than the fire from the week before, but it still ended up being very challenging. It was a lot to keep track of, breaking the tree limb into three separate sections, with their own secondary action and follow through leaves.

Here was Kathleen’s reaction to it:

Nice work John. You picked an ambitious form to animate. A mass like this, today, would most likely be handed to the cg dept, but there might be some productions that would still want to see background elements fully animated ( for instance.. Totoro .. comes to mind.. http://vimeo.com/15165227 ) You did a good job.. with consideration of the Wave, and nice massing in of the large forms plus smaller details. I like that you varied the timing from slow to fast, and the cycle you worked out is not obvious. The strong wind gust that disturbs the mass of leaves .. maybe a bit too much for realistic effect. But the interpretation totally sells the concept of the ‘Wave Principle” Keep up the good work!

So, it was pretty gratifying that she picked up on my general reference and instantly had a clip that came to her mind. She’s right about it being a bit unrealistic for just wind, but I was really envisioning it as the tail wind from a fast moving object shooting by. Say, a flying pygmy hippo with a rocket shooting out it’s butt? Clip got an A-.

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