The master and his craft…..

Big things on the horizon for this semester. However, being the first week, here’s a little throw away pencil test, assigned to test out our equipment so the instructor could feel confident we were all ready to move forward. This was great for me, as I have recently moved, and even more recently got my studio in some kind of working order. Here’s a little studio tour:

You can see I’ve highlighted my Rob Schrab originals and my signed Mike Mignola, John Kricfalusi, and Ralph Bakshi pieces. In addition there is a little peek at some of my thesis work (more on that very soon) and of course, my lit display cases.

Oh, and back to that assignment, I did a self-portrait. Enjoy!
Reds are keys and breakdowns, blues are inbetweens.

© Copyright John Hill, All rights Reserved. Written For: Awesometania
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