Professional work update #900 billion….

Sometimes you work on things, and sometimes it takes forever for those things to be released. Anyway, about a year ago I was asked to direct some shorts for a Nickelodeon Apple App through THE LOCAL STUDIO here in Nashville; Magnetic Dreams. Magnetic was asked to match the style of the “in game” artwork, and I got to direct almost all of these cut scenes and the animation portions of the commercial for the app. The other (2 I think) cut scenes I supervised on while a former student of mine headed up the direction (boarding and animation) which was a neat highlight for me.

3 animators and 1 background artist, usually 1 – 2 animators per cut scene, a week to work on each one, 2 being worked on at a time (though that was spread out as the entire project was originally slated for 2 months of work).

All of the cut scenes, apparently. My personal faves are the Plankton and Mr. Krabs ones. Sandy Cheeks was the first one we completed.

Television and online commercial. Our original version had a lot of zip ins and takes and cartoony poses, but a lot of those died in revisions. I still like how it turned out. It’s always fun to see your work in an Ad.

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