Summer Semester 2013: The New Hotness.

So, I’m taking a GLA (think Gen ED, but fancier) this semester, so not a lot of artwork coming out of there. I am also taking a Flash course (ANM 628 Fundamentals of Digital Animation), which is pretty weird, since I teach that, and that’s my job all the time, but whatevs.

Here are a couple of assignments, that I rendered out as .gifs
This one was “show me you understand the timeline, make a ball that looks alive, show me your animation skill quickly”.
This one was based on a really rough storyboard. Practicing our inking with the brush tool. Apparently we were supposed to pick one scenario and animate it, but the majority of the class thought we were supposed to ink the keys, extremes, and breakdowns. She asked us to go back and animate one of the scenarios at no penalty, so I chose the middle one. Here is the storyboard we got:
M3_S10_SB1 M3_S10_SB2 M3_S10_SB3

If anyone would like to go in and do the inbetweens for either (or both) of the other two scenarios, I’d be happy to give you the file, so long as you show me the work afterwards / share credit.

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