Hot Fat Ninja Chick with Robot Arm.

Did you know that I was in a webcomic competition a long time ago? I was one of the sad saps suckered into the Daily Grind Webcomic Ironman Thingy Competition Thing. We were promised fame, fortune, and life long camaraderie. (We weren’t promised, nor did I receive any of those things). You can’t find any of my comics up anywhere anymore regardless, but at its peak I had ones, neigh tens of readers.

The longest running story-line I developed was about a space traveling gal with a big robotic arm. She was heavy set, knew martial arts, and liked to punch things. She was called Hot Fat Ninja Chick with Robot Arm. I decided to revisit the character in a recent storyboarding assignment, and you can watch my pitch or just read the boards if you also hate the sound of my own voice. Both options below. This assignment got an A.

HFNCwRA Scene Storyboard Pitch from John T Hill on Vimeo.

HFNCwRA by John Hill

© Copyright John Hill, All rights Reserved. Written For: Awesometania
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