Gun Play: A live action storyboard (Week 8-10)

We had to come up with a live action feature synopsis, and this is an idea that popped into my head during a faculty development seminar on safety, I have no names or anything, it’s a really rough undefined idea. The board represents the opening of the film. Animatic to follow grading.

Two kids plan uncoordinated school shootings at the same high school on the same day. The main character is the shooter who shows up second, and being rattled ends up killing the other shooter and is immediately mistakenly heralded as a hero. That’s how the film begins.

The real plot is more of a commentary on society and the media as this damaged kid has to reveal to his friends, family, and town that his original intention was to go on a killing spree and how they all deal with this revelation. The local police start figuring it out, and then the media, and just how everything is an incredible circus, and throughout it all, nobody is helping this kid get better. Kind of a maco-micro-cosym exploration of how we deal with tragedy, mental illness, and children in America.

Film ends with the kid committing suicide.

Gun Play by John Hill

© Copyright John Hill, All rights Reserved. Written For: Awesometania
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