Harris Burdick Advanced Storyboarding Assignment: Rough V1

Our assignment for the next three weeks is to storyboard a short sequence from a longer story of our own creation. The story we are creating hinges on the Chris Van Allsburg Illustration book “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick”. If you are unfamiliar, I heartily advise you to check it out.

We were to pick one of the illustrations and captions and then develop a story around it, and then storyboard a portion of that story. I decided to develop my story as events that took place before a particular illustration. Here are my first pass boards, ending on the illustration, without and with dialog.

Harris Burdick Storyboard Assignment by John Hill

Harris Burdick Storyboard Assignment w Dialog by John Hill

I got an A on this pass, and the instructor gave me a great little video critique, which I am also sharing. I’ll be addressing his issues, and punching up the excitement of the fight sequence in general on this week’s pass. You may find the video a little uninteresting, but he actually reveals that they’re using some of my previous work as an example in one of the animation courses, which is obviously the highest honor you could wish for as a current student.

The animation he’s referencing is this piece a did in Traditional Animation 1:

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