Grad School Fall 2012 wrap up: Post 3.

Here was the final assignment in Layout. The final visual assignment. There were some “animated” camera moves over previous layouts we did (Not going to post those, though they were good and got high marks, but are boring and bandwidth heavy, and will all end up in the thesis wash eventually) and a research paper too, but this was the last drawing. It looked better on paper, and this scan was doctored in photoshop to get closer to what was on paper. It turned out okay, and I got a good grade on it. (B+, I think). But I wanted something a bit more. At this point I was slamming myself against the problems I had in Character Design, so I just didn’t have “it” to fix it.

Luckily, the instructor gave me a great edit of it as a critique. (Below) Did I mention he did the layouts for Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Incredibles? Guy was a total bad ass, and nothing but class the whole time as well.

He knew exactly where to push the contrast more, you could tell from the .psd it took him maybe five minutes, but bam! That definitely speaks to experience, but the guy is obviously so talented. It was a treat to get his critiques.

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