Grad School Fall 2012 wrap up: Post 1.

Week 13 of the 15 Week semester, and as far as I’m concerned, kind of where the wheels fell off. This is the first in a short series of posts (3 probably) documenting the last few assignments of last semester.

Multiple color options. The instructor and I could never get on the same page during this assignment. I was obviously misunderstanding her critique, and she was misunderstanding my responses. It was a situation that had been creeping more and more to the forefront the entire semester, but it really came to a head on this and the final project. I still received a B on the assignment, though I am now no closer to figuring out the colors or wing design for this character, though I am leaning towards the blue purple, but with the much more simplified wings of the top options, in both design and color. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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