Grad School: Fan Art addition.

This week’s assignment was to pick three artist or style genres (out of like, nine possible) and to design some characters emulating their style. A lot of students created a different character for each style, whereas I picked a character from my past (in this case, Hot Fat Ninja Chick with Robot Arm from the second most popular unpopular webcomic I authored way back when I was a part of the Daily Grind), and changed their design to match the styles of the three I selected. Trying to research and emulate a single artist’s style in a week is difficult enough, but parsing 9 and then trying to capture three is particularly hard. Especially when you know that you’re only going to get graded on the revisions to one of those attempts. I chose Claire Wendling, Shane Glines, and Modern Cartoony, and did research sketches of the two artist. The third one I just did on a whim, but based a bit off Stephen Silver, and a bit off Dexter’s laboratory.

It took me a minute to get warmed up with the Wendling sketches, and her style is so diverse that I could have easily been doing studies of Frazetta, Mignola, and Barbucci at the same time as hers. The Glines studies went much easier, but I’ve studied him before and I already emulate him a bit. (A tiny bit.)

Naturally, of these three, the instructor preferred the Modern Cartoon one. I actually think it looks like ass, regardless of whether or not it was successful. She felt like the Glines girl could be more dynamic, and she didn’t like the “twinning” of the arms. I felt like it was a strong personality pose, and that Glines girls are usually pretty pin-upish, and not action oriented (though he draws great action too) and so I didn’t exactly agree with this note, but I took the critiques of all three to heart and created a new pose of the Glines fake as my final.


The final received an A-, which is pretty good considering I’ve been averaging B+’s on almost every other assignment (and that this instructor grades very professionally). Major comments there were to simplify or remove the folds on the leg warmers, push the straights and curves on the legs even more, and the thicks and thins of the linework, and give her some more Glines-like shoes.

© Copyright 2012 John Hill, All rights Reserved. Written For: Awesometania
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