Grad School Week 10: Character Design, Non-stereotypical hero.

B+ here as well, but there were no drawover notes. The major criticism is that this version of Fred Farroway (the retired super hero turned detective from the Graphic Novel my wife and I think we’re writing) is that he looks too frail and too nervous to match his character description. I tend to agree as well, but this is pretty divergent from the designs I had worked up for him in general, and I went in this direction as a gamble. I was running short on time and instead of drawing what I wanted to, I drew what I thought the instructor would approve of. And I was fundamentally correct. I should have just not included the character description. Ha!

She gave me good praise on the anatomy, pose, and general design, so I can’t complain too much. My final version, I tweaked the eyes on, as they were just a bit too large and too Rebecca Sugar, who I was referencing but just wasn’t getting right.

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