Grad School Week 8: Layout, Develop a Concept, Jungle

We were given 8 or so simple prompts to inspire us for a small 5FLD concept sketch. That’s a pretty small layout drawing, which was good, because concepts should be small. We did thumbs and then larger thumbs and then a value study. I started out thumbing for the prompt “sky garden”. And I had some idea of a fantastical Moebius like landscape, with water and floating platforms and a giant airborne palatial garden flying over the heads of these workers who are tending to smaller gardens on floating rocks above the water. Luckily my wife showed up and in seeing my frustrations, read over the prompts and said “Why are you doing the hardest one?” So I switched over to “jungle”. These concepts were ungraded, but were used to do a layout the following week.

© Copyright 2012 John Hill, All rights Reserved. Written For: Awesometania
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