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Week 3 of Grad School is upon me, in that it just finished, and I’m starting week 4. I also have teaching starting again tomorrow morning, and I’m still in the middle of that never ending job I can’t talk about! Wwwwwoooooo! Hopefully that job will end this week (probably not) but I’m confident it will next week. (I’ve been wrong so many times on this one!)

Here is some of the work I’ve done these first three weeks: Character Design
So far, I’ve gotten all B’s in this course, which is fine, because I’m 10 weeks rusty on sketching (haven’t drawn anything besides minor notes for students since the semester before last). I can feel myself coming out of the slump though.








This assignment was just a series of 2 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute sketches. We turned in our best 10 minute sketches. B-.





This assignment was very similar, did a bunch of warm up drawings, but then did several 10-15 min sketches with the intention of exaggerating some of the features to highlight any unique physical characteristics or anything special in the pose. B+





This last one was just recently submitted, and I got a B on it. The purpose was to take a photographic reference, and then turn it into something else. Something from your imagination. In addition, we were supposed to analyze our artistic “crutch” and try to produce a drawing that didn’t rely on our crutch. I had a hard time nailing that down. Lately, my major crutch has been an absolute lack of interest in drawing. That’s not really a crutch, so much as it is a huge problem. I draw a lot of dinosaurs, a lot of sexy ladies, and a lot of big crazy monster things. I also draw a lot of cartoony stuff. A lot of cartoony animals and creatures. Cute things. I draw a lot of crazy stuff. My major crutch is probably not using reference enough, and half-assing a lot of details because I get bored, or because I’m lazy. So my crutch was wonky. I decided to draw something that I’ve never drawn, but that I’m also terrified of. I’m super scared of cockroaches. Always have been. It’s weird, I’m putting this on a blog, but I have that weird middle school fear that someone is now going to run up and throw a bug on me because they’ve found out that cockroaches freak me out. (I’m not afraid of any other bugs, jerks).

Anyway, the pose I referenced inspired me to draw someone really sketchy, so I thought, hey, it looks like a flasher on the street to me. And so I drew a giant terrifying cockroach, that is also flashing people in his trenchcoat. I don’t think the flasher angle read well enough to the instructor, or I might have squeezed out an A.

Below is a gallery of all the quick gesture sketches and other attempts at assignments I have done over the past three weeks.


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