Character Design: Week 6 and Week 7.

Week 6 we drew portraits. Well, head studies I guess, but when you only draw one or two heads and you shade them and focus on likenesses it’s a portrait to me. I was really down on this assignment. Didn’t want to do it, struggled with it, general displeasure. But that’s life. You have to draw all sorts of things you don’t want to in order to have a career drawing

Here you see my second attempt at a charcoal version (why did a I bother) and a digital revision of that charcoal version. She graded the standard charcoal version (her drawover also included), said it was better, and though she didn’t say it, I think it was because she was unsure if I might have traced on the digital one. She caught a lot of students tracing, which I found to be really hilarious in a MFA level course. Got a B.

This week we did caricatures, here is my rough practice, and my two finals.

Again, there is a bit of an unspoken insistence that everyone render their things out with beautiful gradient shadows in this course, which is steadily killing my verve for participation. I’m sure it’ll all pay off when we get to coloring and rendering our designs though. Anyway, I switched to standard 2B pencil on this assignment, and then touched up the contrast in Photoshop, much better results to me.




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