A little bit of an update….

Guys, I’m currently leading up a decently sized project (3+team members, client: NickDigital (Nickelodeon), tablet game cinematics) while still teaching full time and grad-schoolin’ full time. I’m pretty spent and it’s keeping me from being much more update-y.

Here are some clips from recent things I’ve worked on professionally though.

None of this clip shows anything I did, but there is an entire sequence that is primarily Flash animated, and I did that entire sequence. I’m a bad man like that.

Here are some Todd Parr designed clips from the latest season that I animated.

Last semester in Grad School was a 20th Century Art and Philosophy course, and an Acting course. The acting course provided some content I could upload, but some of it is pretty inappropriate (dressed in drag, half dressed in drag, actory stuff) considering students and potential employers read this stuff. Plus, that’s the kind of “magicians’ trick” element to animation that people don’t usually get to see anyway. I’ll be in Character Design and Layout (September 6th!?) next semester, so the updates will flow then, I promise.

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