Traditional Animation 2 Final: Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam.

I had been waiting on a final, thorough review of this before I posted it, but I haven’t yet received it. I have gotten a grade (A), and I can tell you some of the ongoing notes the instructor and the classmates shared.

Sam’s free hand could be a bit stronger. It could emphasize the dialog better. Daffy’s opening poses are a little too “up on his toes” a little too long and so we don’t spend enough time with a good typical on-model Daffy. They could both be stronger while the other one speaks.

These are some sketches I did while planning. When working on this, I found myself dreading Daffy, I was very intimidated by his bill, and I did not think I could keep him on model. As it turns out, I am really comfortable drawing him, it was Sam’s mouth, mustache, and hat that were the real problems. I specifically went for a Freleng style Sam and a Clampett style Daffy, but some Jones Daffy creeps in for sure.

In general I am really pleased with this, but I would also like to do the entire thing over again. I’m so used to drawing them now, that if I had felt so practiced when I started, I’m sure I could have made every pose stronger.

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