…Batman storyboards! Way back when I was in highschool, or in college getting my BFA, this was kind of a dream job for me. A lot of other people were into “teh animes” and Toonami and all that, but I was really into Batman The Animated Series. The opening was fantastic and in general the episodes were fast, well paced, and the animation was real consistent (if not always great). I got a B on this first pass. I’ll be uploading the second pass in just a second.

General notes on this one: Cleaning up and revising some poses to be more dynamic, better silhouettes, better proportions etc. Nailing down some of the backgrounds, making sure there is some additional detail and perspective is clear. He had me add some shots, and change the angle of some of them. Some of these notes were obvious, but a couple of them I actually didn’t like because I felt like it looked less like the show, and more like a live action production. However, as you’ll see in the revised version, it is way more dynamic and interesting visually.

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