Revisions and additions: Goose Sneak and Zip Out Edition

So this was two assignments combined, and will probably be the only one I do in color this semester. It’s too time consuming, and the benefits are nill when you have to rush the ink and color. Plus, I like working on paper more, it retains more life. Anyway, I addressed the notes on the Duck’s body and neck to make it more consistent, and then added a little take and a zip out to complete the scene.

The new note on the zip out was that I could make the hold a moving hold, have his legs churn a bit and the whole figure shift slowly to the right before FFFTTPPPTTTHHHH! Zip out. We agreed it works fine this way, but that change would definitely plus it.

It wasn’t originally planned, but since it’s already happening, I’m hoping to have some version of Dracula and the Wolf Man appear in something I do every semester.

© Copyright John Hill, All rights Reserved. Written For: Awesometania
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