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Quick little storyboard….

Another smaller storyboard exercise. We’ve finally started working from scripts, but this is from an assignment just before then. The premise was “Two characters are traveling down a road or path and something falls from the sky. You must use … Continue reading

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The. Thick. Of. It.

So busy lately. Sleep deprivation. Mood swings. Exhaustion. Poor diet. I found myself weaping profusely at 2am one night, watching some rap video on youtube, scrawling grad school assignments that I’m dreadfully lucky are all seeming to work out. That’s not … Continue reading

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Revisions and additions: Goose Sneak and Zip Out Edition

So this was two assignments combined, and will probably be the only one I do in color this semester. It’s too time consuming, and the benefits are nill when you have to rush the ink and color. Plus, I like … Continue reading

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