Standing from sit, walking from stand…

There are two versions of this, mainly just so I can show it to students as an example of coming up with something, not testing it appropriately, and then realizing when you’re done that it’s kind of garbagey. The first one is fine up until the walk out. The anticipation to begin the walk is adequate, but the walk is too bouncy and loose. It’s inapporpriate with all of the character set up before hand. It’s a kind of loose mediocre walk I can do in my sleep, and for some reason I chose to do it that way for this project.

Everything is cool and suede, and then he suddenly herpy-derps off screen. The thing is, I could tell that was going to happen while I was doing it, before I even shot any of it I knew. Why didn’t I stop myself? That’s a thing a lot of animators could work on.

This second one is much better. Everything about it feels better. The strides are longer, but not too fast. It’s important to recognize mistakes, and try to correct them when you have time.

© Copyright John Hill, All rights Reserved. Written For: Awesometania
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