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So I’m in Storyboarding and Traditional Animation II this quarter in Grad School. It’s a little weird, because unbeknownst to everyone else involved, I am teaching a storyboarding course simultaneously. So far I am a little nonplussed. It’s not the instructor’s fault, he’s very direct and is an obviously stellar artist. But he is at odds with the syllabus material, which was prepared by someone else. Some of it is outdated and references a book that is out of print, and it also starts very slowly. Our first week’s assignment was to do a rough 20 panel or less personal story, with no instruction. The ole’ water tester. Just to see how poorly everyone in class actually draws and tells stories:

I got a B+. Which was weird, because there was no instruction, and therefore no foreseen expectations. The major note was that he was confused by shot choices in 7 – 11 because he could not figure out the layout of our house as depicted. However, he then produced an overhead layout of my home, exactly as it exist, which kind of proves he was the opposite of confused.

The second week’s assignment was to do some sketches. Just some sketches of people in public. Ya know, like animators should always try to do. This is fine, but it seemed a little elementary for an entire week’s assignment, in a grad school level class. Not even a first semester grad school class. So I went to a local mall. Grades pending on these:

Perhaps I shouldn’t look these “easier” assignments in the mouth, but their apparent simplicity and the nebulous directions and expectations have me worried.

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