Week 1 in Traditional Animation II consisted of doing a character design and a five point turn. I got a B. I’m not entirely sure why, but that’s okay. It is definitely B work. You can see that I messed around with some of the feet and the hip / waist construction a bit between the first one of these and the last one. 

So this is actually a character from that graphic novel I’m sometimes hinting at. This is pretty close to his final design too. I did an illustration / more realistic version of the main characters in an assignment last quarter. But I do not want to do a big long comic with realistic figures. Too difficult, plus it doesn’t fit the story. I’m totally not working on it right now anyway.

Here is my week 2 assignment where I make him get out of a chair and stand. Pretty challenging really. I think the rise up is a tick too fast. Needs 2 – 4- maybe 6 more inbetweens. The Antics work fine to me though. Hopefully the teach agrees.

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