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The never-ending conundrum….

When you submit the freelance quote that isn’t high, but you wouldn’t be surprised if they rejected, but then they accept it, and you instantly think…. “oh. shit. I should have asked for more.”

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An animation with love and kisses.

This is my final for Grad Level┬áTraditional Animation 1 at the Academy of Art University. There are some timing and spacing things I would like to adjust, I just want the acting to be┬ámore subtle, but that is something I … Continue reading

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Hey guys, they are some drawings.

So here is my final for Drawing from Imagination, and the constructions, cause you know, students might see this. There are of course, a ton more bits of construction, but that would look like a mess to show you. I … Continue reading

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I got EatSleepDraw’d…

Thanks to all the new tumblr followers! I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog-thing I do. What a pleasant surprise when I took a break from working on my finals. Apparently one of my grad-school illustrations got featured … Continue reading

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