I have a tumblr. It’s basically just a duplication of this blog, but over there. If you have a tumblr it’ll make it easier for you to follow my updates though. Perhaps you are already reading it there?

I’m not much of a reblogger, so I’m probably not the best creature for this new environment, but I will try to adapt.

Here are some of the tumblrs I’m currently following that I think are pretty cool:
Artist Collection Tumblrs: (Collections of work by particular famous artist, who are not on tumblr or dead). (Moebius work) (Katsuhiro Otomo work) (Another Katsuhiro Otomo one, but focusing on Akira)
Be careful, you can get a lot of overlap on these two. (Frank Frazetta, obviously) (William Stout)

People Tumblrs (real people, who do real arts, but also blogs, sorted by faves)

Collections, References, Random (Random Arts) (frame by frame stills and gifs of animations) (Vintage References, good for steampunkers) (Super interesting Americana photographs) (Fantasy and Sci-Fi ladies, non-cheesecake)

There are others, but they aren’t really doing anything for me these days. You have suggestions? I follow a ton of people in my google reader, which is really where I follow most of these at as well, but now that I’m official I’ll try to like and reblog and do whatever it is this new society dictates.

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