Rough Double Bounce Walk

I’ve always been intimidated by the double bounce walk. It has a lot to do with a general lack of understanding. I’ve attempted them a couple of times, and done a few professionally, but I’ve always just dove right in and attempted to pull one off based on my general understanding of a standard walk. I’ve never taken the time to really study one, or focus on the Preston Blair or Richard Williams examples. That always lead to a lot of wasted time, as I tried to clean up the poor results it would produce. A lot of head wobbling and jittering, rather then the smooth up-down-up down of the best double bounces.

For this exercise I decided I would do a trick-or-treater, holding a bag of candy in the near hand. Of course, I never got past the roughs, but I plan to finish this one up over the Christmas break.

It’s based on a combination of the Blair and Williams examples (specifically the double bounce cartoon fox he details both in the text and book cover, as well as in the animated intro to his DVD series), but it’s also based on the Little Red Riding Hood skip run from the WB classic Little Red Riding Rabbit. That skip is really interesting, with real high knees, and the steps are all in the toes, with the push off foot actually never leaving the ground. She just slides forward, but the knees pushing up and the rest hides that. You never notice. It’s pure charm. I was tempted to just copy that skip directly, but I thought you could adapt some of the quirky-ness of it to a double bounce, and so that’s what I tried to do. Maybe I’ll upload a clip of the skip for you guys this week.

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