My brains is broken from drawerings.

I have until midnight Pacific time to finish a storyboard / animatic for class. I predict a late submission. I’m going to space out a couple of art posts here, so that it feels like I have a vibrant and active online life. This one is all about this week’s Illustration assignment. Later I’ll update you on the final version of the combat illustration that was due last week (and that just got graded tonight).















This is an exercise all about drawing reflections. We were given a bit of text about the Evil Queen from Snow White, that we were to base it on. I decided to do a 40’s Art Deco reimagining. The first one is a constructions guide of some of the important elements and ideas covered this week. The second is the major mirror I used for the reflection, and the last one is my final. I thought the idea of the Magic Mirror being a bunch of mirrors that could behave in a schizophrenic and much more whimsical manner than the average version could be really entertaining. Major notes on this were that he thought the feet were perhaps small and the leggings didn’t look round enough around her legs, and that he would have liked to have seen more decorations about the room. So apparently I get the B because I made the drawing Awesome, instead of Super Awesome.

© Copyright John Hill, All rights Reserved. Written For: Awesometania
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