Cthulhu and the half-naked unwilling sacrifice.

Luckily it’s a light week of Grad School, and we had the big fat holiday, but I’m going to start next week more exhausted then I left the last one. I’m spent, and my body seems to think it can die and the brain will just handle its shit alone. I feel awful. Here is a post that would have been up beat, if I had done it a week ago.

Apparently my clothed / background’d combat illustration was worthy of an A-. Which is a big deal because I’ve been pulling in the B’s consistently regardless of effort level so far.

In addition, the instructor has informed me that he will submit it to the Spring Show. I really don’t even know what that means, but I assume it’s some kind of a gallery thing at the school in San Fran? Maybe there is an online only component for online students, or it will be on a screen some place? Hell, maybe they’ll make a print and hang it up. I really don’t know. I’d be more excited about it, but as a Grad Student, it seems like an honor I’ve kind of….out-grown? Perhaps I am being flippant, though.

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