Who dat smooth operator knocking down dem’ Traditional Animation A’s?

It’s me baby.

This first one got some timing notes, but I haven’t had a chance to revise it. It still merited the A. Unfortunately, it was pretty difficult. Our assignment was to do two head turns. One in full animation, with anticipation, easing in and out, overlap, follow through, the works. I was jazzed about that one (it’s below). The second (this one) was supposed to be a Flintstones/UPA-esque limited animation head turn. The bare minimum. I do a lot of limited animation professionally, so I took this one for granted, and it really came back to bite me in the butt. It was just a totally different experience trying to simulate what I do in Flash on paper. It’s remarkable how much I take the software for granted in this case. Because I felt so comfortable with the idea of this one, I did virtually no planning. Big mistake, I had to redo it 3 or 4 times. This is important, because I’ve uploaded my planning for the second one (so I can use this situation as a teaching tool @ work) and you’ll see the huge difference appropriate planning makes! By the way, he is a wolf-man.

This one, I spent a lot of time designing the character, figuring out what his bone structure was like, planning the key poses. I even took the key pose sketches, scanned them in, and then printed them out at the right size for the animation paper, so I could use them as my keys. I planned out charts (animation speak here), planned and revised my x sheet. I animated the whole thing, just the skull and body, no details, no cowl, just to test it, and revised that until it was perfect. Long story short, I didn’t take any of it for granted, and it really shows. It’s not perfect, but it’s good, and I’m jazzed.

The teacher even thanked me for uploading all the planning and talking about the process and doing such a good job. Thanked. Me. This is a guy that was an animator at Disney. He can animate circles around me. You don’t have to thank me man, I’m thanking you.

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