Cartoon Takes….

I’m a big fan of takes. Especially the takes of Tex Avery and Bob Clampett. In my professional life I have done a few takes, but frankly a take in Flash for the kind of productions I’ve worked on, and the takes of my heroes bare little resemblance. I am not a fan of the subtle minor movement takes of Chuck Jones and Ken Harris. This is the kind of take I am most generally instructed to emulate. We’ll have a long chat sometime internet, about why I don’t like the Chuck Jones take, but understand, I love Chuck Jones.

I just prefer Avery and Clampett.

Anyway, this week we were asked to do a take. I had a lot of ideas, and did multiple versions, but this is the one I completed to the end and submitted. I think it works well, and it’s a nice step towards my aspirations, but I will definitely have to revisit this idea. I chose to do a positive take, where the reaction was joy, rather than being startled. Kind of a reverse of the Wolf and Red Hot Riding Hood motif. The austere female reacts un-lady like when she sees something that excites her. It is the change in personality that sells this take, which is one of the reasons why I want to do some more of them for study. Some more standard ones, and then I can revisit this “twist” I have created and get even better results. I look forward to finishing this pencil test out with full follow through and overlap once the quarter is over.

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