Acting: How not to do it.

Note to self: When the assignment asks for a short performance where a character goes through THREE pose / emotions, do not lose your brain and do something like an idiot.

An important lesson you hear a lot in schools, one that is ridiculously ubiquitous in art school, is to Keep It Simple Stupid, or K.I.S.S. It’s remarkable, that despite age or experience, how often I’m forced to relearn this lesson. The following animation turned out ok. In that it’s watchable, and you can see what I was attempting. However, I would have been far better served with focusing on a much clearer and simpler performance that I could have spent more time perfecting and studying. Practicing good timing, inbetweening, and strong poses. Blech. This took far too much time, and the results were not good enough for that time. Must remember this post as I move forward.

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