One more week off, and then it’s back to teaching…

The time off from teaching has not been nearly as fruitful and relaxing as I had hoped. The “perspective” course I’m taking in Grad School is incredibly time-consuming. Both courses are challenging, but I don’t find myself feeling as rewarded with the time I spend on the perspective one. This is an issue I’ve had before, and I’m sure all students have had, and I’m sure several of my students have experienced, but I am beginning to wonder if my age is having an effect. Perhaps I am too old, or too far removed from my experiences as a student? I find myself having to work very hard to feign enthusiasm. Perhaps it will improve with time?

Here is the final output from week 2 in the Drawing from Imagination (perspective) course:

Needless to say, I was not pleased with it. It was nice to have a grounded lesson on how to form shadows based on real measurements of perspective, but that was so complicated and labor intensive that I never felt like I had time to actually make the shadows look good, once I knew where they belonged. It’s a grid / construction heavy course, where you have to show all of your work, so I couldn’t just free hand the shadows and spend time making them pretty. It’s good to know how to do it properly, but I know I’ll be graded on the final results, and I am incredibly underwhelmed.

Here is this week’s assignment in 2D perspective. I am much happier with this. Perhaps I just hate drawing in 1 pt perspective? Who knew?

This is actually a prototype of sorts for a graphic novel my wife and I are writing together. It’s set in the 80’s, and the two main characters are a retired super-hero turned detective, and a barbarian who is lost in time, and the mysteries they solve as a mystery solving duo. It’s like Goon meets Blacksad, only we haven’t really written much yet. These aren’t what they’ll look like actually. They’re a lot more cartoony and stylized then this, however I based these off real people who were inspirational in their early designs. The Barbarian is just a 7 1/2 foot tall muscular Russel Crowe, and the Detective is actually a model I drew several times at The Drawing Club, who actually posed as a Detective. Of course, these are not based on exact photos of either of those references, as the class doesn’t allow direct photo-reference. They are watching the Chicago Bears win SuperBowl XX, January, 1986. I’ll have to shade this one next week.

Here are my assignments in the Traditional Animation course:

There are two versions of the dragon, but I am posting the last one, which I think is best. I did a dragon because Jack just discovered them a couple of weeks ago, but we don’t have any toys or cartoons with them for him to enjoy at the moment.

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