Final Assignments: First Semester of Grad School.

First: The Final Drawing and References:
I took a ton more photos than this. It was actually really fun doing this shoot, which has gotten me thinking about trying to start a local Drawing Club, but I really don’t have the time to organize that kind of thing at present. I’m really happy with how this turned out. I think it’s a good likeness to both of the models, who are friends and will be keeping this drawing, but it’s also a pretty solid illustration alone. It’s a cliche’ of course, but it’s one I enjoy.

Not sure what my final grades will be, but I’m expecting two A’s. The History course was more enjoyable (I hate touching charcoal, and it really wrecks my already eczema riddled hands) but it was basically reading, discussing, and quizzes, so I have little to show for it. However, I did have to write a short research paper: I chose legendary animator and character designer Fred Moore. I got an A on the paper, but I had a hard time keeping it within the 2500 maximum word count. I could have written pages upon pages. For anyone discovering this off the internet, I don’t think you’ll find any new revelations about Moore in this, but it is a quick compilation of a lot of very interesting opinions collected together. Plus, there’s a Works Cited page that can lead you to a bunch of internet resources full of his work. I think I’ll take a stab doing some studies based on his art during my upcoming break.

I’ll try to upload some older (but not too old) sketches, character turns, and other stuff in the next few weeks, a lot of the things you see surrounding the blog, as I enjoy my break from being a student.

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