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5 Minute Sketch5 Minute Sketch5 Minute Sketch5 Minute Sketch







These were five-minute warm up sketches. It’s important to realize, and it’s something I often have to convey to students, that you won’t always like what you’re drawing. In fact, you will have days when nothing you draw looks right. But it’s also important to learn from those experiences, so that you can change your process, and your thinking, so that you have more control over when things go wrong or right. These are all from a wrong day.
Photo Documenting the Pose20 Minute Sketch








This 20 minute pose is from the same session. I’m fairly confident I will come back, with some additional costumery, to the theme of the fiddle player. The 20 minute sketch was better, but I focused too much on getting a good likeness (which frustratingly, I had not gotten a good one of this model yet). The likeness turned out well, but there is a lot of other things wrong. I did not pay close enough attention to the rhythm (action line) of his torso. And although he had moved between the photo and the drawing, so there is some excuse to their incongruities, he should still have appeared more relaxed and slovenly in the drawing then I captured.

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