Well, I can finally start talking more about this…

Hey guys, here is the trailer for the PSN exclusive video game I was working on for several months this year and last year. This was actually my first look at the gameplay myself. I think it looks really cool.

it was on ign and isn’t there anymore. sorry.

Here’s a little write up about it too, with some links to screenshots and a podcast by some of the higher ups in the production. You can also go and like the Facebook Page as well.

I’ll be posting on the blog occassionally as any new good press comes out about the game. For those wondering, I had a hand in animating almost all of the villains in the game (with the exception of one or two bosses and one or two regulars) and I even did a small amount of work on the main character, and a decent amount on the secondary character (player two in co-op mode, I think). I also did all of the animation (including background movement) on the final cut scene. I worked up a background for the final shot of the final cut scene as well, but it was later redesigned and they didn’t use mine. I’d put it up, but it would still reveal too much about the end of the game. Maybe once it’s been out for awhile I’ll show you my bg version. Kat Kosmala did most of the main character animations, and a big swath of other stuff, including a lot of the cut scenes as well, she’s also the one that brought me onto the project, so big thanks to Kat!

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