Happy Fourth every one…

Spent the morning watching Tex Avery cartoons (and other MGM work) in bed with my wife and son. For my History of Cartoons class, though we do that kind of thing sometimes anyway.

Spent last night on some drawings for the Clothed Figure course. I really like these. It’s the first time I’ve done a drawing of my wife that I thought wasn’t complete shit. We’re going over rhythm and continuity right now, and it’s really good to reacquaint myself with a lot of these drawing “tools”. I speak in a vocabulary of animation, so this is reminding me that when it comes to drawing a pose, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to describe the process (the process of skinning cats). Must remember that when teaching starts next week. (Red is always rhythm lines below.)

Arms in short and long sleeves.Legs in long skirts, Arm short sleeves.Legs in Sweat Pants, Arm Short SleeveLegs in Capri Pants.My wife as a Gypsy.Laura as a gypsy, unmarked.Laura as gypsy, marked up.













Still haven’t gotten a grade on the wrestling pose, but I got a B+ on the one before that, so it’s been straight B’s so far in the drawing course. Getting A’s on quizzes and exercises, but never the big drawings. Must figure out how to force the A out of this guy.

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