Recent fun art and fan art.


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To blow off steam while working on my thesis I’ve decided to do some fairies and fawns inspired by our first trip to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Here’s the first one inspired by a fairy who was great in character while interacting with Jack.

Oh, and here is an Amethyst I drew real quick last week, my Gemsona, Witchsona, an old OC and a Semi-Transparent Mermaid.

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I still love you. Adorable Kitty for you.

I’m just busy working on my thesis. Here is a little Halloween craft I did tonight (after Halloween) to let off some stream with the fam.

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Doodles on the sign in sheet….

Week two of teaching this quarter. I did some doodles on the sign in sheet for Animation History as the students watched the cartoons I was lecturing about.IMG_20140724_171228_719
Senpai! In my reef?

I haven’t doodled in a long time.

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Influence Map!

I did a meme from the ancient past!JohnHill_Influence_Map
It was so hard to pick and choose!

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Happy Easter!

Or at least an enjoyable holiday weekend if it’s not your thing!easter_awesometania

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Several big updates over at Hipposterous….

my courses have shifted gears towards thesis work exclusively this semester, so I’m just reblogging here so those of you who have not yet followed along over at Hipposterous or the Hipposterous tumblr are aware that I’m still producing. Alive and kicking.

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