Some in class demos and other miscellany.

Caricature Painting Demo, Digital Illustration course.

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My finished caricature and a couple other ones I was surprisingly gifted by friendsĀ @greaserdracula and @lilylilbee for my birthday.

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Daily life drawing. Days 1 through 3.

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Ruff Ruffman (Older Animation) Humble Media Genius

Here are a bunch of Ruff Ruffman shorts I animated over the past 2 or 3 years. I kind of forgot about them and then realized they’d been on youtube for quite a while. These were done with my good friends over at Flaming Medusa Studios.

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A bunch of random art.

You’ll have an easier time following me on tumblr or instagram, but here’s a big ole’ art dump just to stay current.

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I don’t post here all that often anymore.

Aside from steering people towards my demo reel, so here is a big backlog of loose artwork I’ve been doing outside of teaching and paid animation.

Random fan art, a CN collab entry, mucking about both traditionally and digitally, some Pokemon Gijinka Collab on twitter down at the bottom.

Inktober 2015

Animated gifs, 1 for fun, the others promotional for hipposterous

Character development for a reboot of an old, old, old, webcomic.

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Recent fun art and fan art.


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To blow off steam while working on my thesis I’ve decided to do some fairies and fawns inspired by our first trip to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Here’s the first one inspired by a fairy who was great in character while interacting with Jack.

Oh, and here is an Amethyst I drew real quick last week, my Gemsona, Witchsona, an old OC and a Semi-Transparent Mermaid.

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